The humble truth is that in America, we take certain things for granted.

We automatically assume that the right thing is being done.

One such assumption happens to be Child Advocacy Centers all across the Country and Canada. They do the hard difficult daily work of assisting children that have been abused, and in many cases sexually abused. They fight the good fight.  They are heroes in America.

It’s tough for kids to express themselves  on such traumatic matters.  In some cases, children are so afraid and embarrassed, that they never tell another sole their entire lifetime.  I thought that was going to be me.  Then I got sick and tired of running from myself, and running from my past. This is a podcast I did from one Child Advocacy Center, which happens to be in Oklahoma.  You can see some of the photos by clicking here.

Dominic Carter speaks all over the country and in Canada at Child Welfare conferences and Child Advocacy Centers on Child Abuse, Foster Care, Mental Illness, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Foster Care and Kinship Care. His story was told in Oprah Winfrey’s Magazine in a cover story: Sexually Abused Men: Could Your Husband Be One of Them. “Love Among the Ruins.” This is how the article starts:

“It was long ago and it was far away, but for the one out of six American men who were sexually abused as children, the results are always present, deeply corrosive, and wildly contagious. David France talks to a few brave men—and the women who married them—who have shattered their silence, faced their traumas, and taken their first steps toward healing.” –Oprah Winfrey’s Magazine

Love Among the Ruins

Marilyn Stevens and Dominic Carter
Photo: Mary Ellen Mark. Dominic Carter and his wife Marilyn Carter.

Here is Dominic’s website and he speaks all over the country.  You can contact him at