This is what Dominic Carter writes on the pages of regarding Child Advocacy Centers.

Look at the faces in the photo. Do you see what Dominic can see?

Do you see the resolve?  They save the lives of Children each and every day.

Vulnerable Children.

Children that have been abused.

Children that have been sexually abused.

In his case, Children Advocacy Centers were not around in the 1970’s, but he am so grateful that they are today. Dominic would never want another child to go through mentally what he had too.

In a nutshell, Child Advocacy Centers provide a child-friendly, safe, supportive environment for child victims of abuse/neglect and their nonoffending caretakersAs per the Child Welfare Information Gateway website : “(CACs) are community-based, child-friendly, and trauma-informed organizations that coordinate a multidisciplinary response to child maltreatment allegations. CACs deliver a best practice model that bring together, often in one location, child protective services investigators, law enforcement, forensic interviewers, prosecutors, family advocates, and medical and mental health professionals to provide a coordinated, comprehensive response to victims and their caregivers.”

“Diana Schunn is the Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County, but that’s what made the gala on this night so very special. It was her first public event since being out for months on sick leave. She was there with her very proud husband who was extremely happy that his wife is on the road to recovery. As I state in speeches across America, “we all fall down in life, the question is do you get back up.” Diana Schunn is back up and that is a win-win! Her commitment to helping children is off the charts. (Of Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse)  In Mrs. Schunn’s place, two amazing people stepped up to serve as co-Interim Executive Directors, Suzi Thien, and Jean Hogan. The rock star of this organization is their development Manager Jessica Eck. I make a lot of decisions based on instincts, whether to do something or not, and me and Ms. Eck connected right away. About two weeks before this event, I was in Haines City Florida (Between Orlando and Tampa) giving another speech on a different topic. Ms. Eck and I had a video conference call while I was in Orlando, and through my iPhone, I could see the enormous dedication she brings to her job. Education Manager Lori Chandler was also a rock star, and Family Services Manager Melissa Cooke.”


Here are some photos from the event. The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgewick County Rocks. Dominic Carter is soon headed to a Child Advocacy Center in Oklahoma. In Wichita Kansas, they were also VERY supportive of Dominic’s daughter’s Children’s book, Eva the Kid Reporter. You can order your copy at Courtney’s website by clicking here.

Speaker Dominic Carter travels the Country praising the work of Child Advocacy Centers

Eva the Kid Reporter. A Children’s Book written by Courtney Carter DeJesus