Why Trump’s visit to Harlem should be causing concern among Democrats!

Veteran journalist Dominic Carter, a staple in New York media and a voice on 77 WABC Radio in New York, delivers a critical analysis of the implications of Donald Trump’s recent Harlem visit. This is what Dan Borgino had to say about Dominic, praising him.

With decades of experience, no one knows the New York scene better than Carter. As Trump receives a warm welcome in what is traditionally a Democrat stronghold, Carter warns Democrats of the electoral repercussions they might face. He highlights how Trump’s potential popularity in areas like Harlem signals a potential shift in voter base, which could be disastrous for Democrats in the upcoming Presidential election.

Dominic also discusses broader themes such as the stance of far-left politicians, the ongoing migrant situation, and the roles of the NYPD and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in current affairs.

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Dominic Carter also travels the country speaking on Children’s Issues.  His book on his life is: “No Momma’s Boy.”  You can order a personally signed copy here at Dominic’s website.

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