Cheers to New York City political television reporter and author Dominic Carter for this Huffington Post column  that praises social workers and other helping professionals.

Carter was recently keynote speaker at the Crimes Against Children Conference in Mississippi. During the conference Carter met social workers such as Kimberly Hall who go beyond the call of duty and use their own money to buy movie tickets, manicures and other treats for children who are abused.

Hall’s story was so touching and inspirational Carter gave her an impromptu hug. He also decided to write a column, which he entitled “We Should All Hug a Social Worker.”

“These acts of kindness may not sound like much to some, but to an abused child, it means the world to them,” Carter said.

Carter went on to say that social workers are the unsung heroes of society who often go unappreciated.

“At one point or another in all of our lives, we will all need the assistance of a social worker,” he said. “Someone to fight, and advocate on our behalf, and also to help those that don’t have a voice in society to stand up on their own.”