Trump updated

Donald Trump being cozy with Russian President Vladimir Putin should be a deal-breaker in the presidential campaign.  But it won’t.

It’s just another illustration of the double standard of what Trump gets away with, and Hillary Clinton cannot.

Imagine if the roles were reversed, and Hillary Clinton was politically flirting with Putin, while simultaneously denouncing the current occupant of the White House and the media to a Russian audience? Imagine the backlash?

Clinton’s campaign would be on life support immediately, of course after being crucified by the American media. Her campaign would end in just days.

Clinton would have touched a third rail of politics and her campaign would be over. Rightfully so! Case in point, look at Clinton’s recent backtrack.

I regret saying ‘half’ Trump support from ‘basket of deplorables’

Yet despite all of this brouhaha over Russia and its impact on the election. The allegation of Russia trying to meddle with the presidential race,  Hillary Clinton still finds herself in the fight of her political life against Donald Trump. Polls are tightening all over the country. They are almost tied in four battleground states. Please keep in mind that I predicted the day Trump entered the race that he would win the nomination, and had one hell of a shot at the White House.

Trump does an interview with Russian TV via telephone and because the host of the show happens to be famed American Broadcaster Larry King, Trump double talks his way out of the controversy , declaring he only did the interview as a personal favor for a Larry King podcast. So far his strategy is working, period.

Maybe Trump is a “Teflon” Don.

“Only in America folks,” as famed Boxing promoter Don King would say.

And oh, by the way. Pence has released his tax return, but not Trump.