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The end result of Trump’s Flip Flop?  (Changing direction on mass deportations)

Best case scenario, even if he doesn’t lose some of his core support, (and he will) Trump in all likelihood, will not EXPAND his base. Without pulling in some of those key general election moderates and independents, Trump can kiss the White House good-bye.  Sayonara to measuring those drapes in the oval office.

Why does this flip flop hurt Trump so much?

Trump has supposed to be different and refreshing, but now he will be seen through the prism of any other politician that will say anything for votes.

Dare, I say it! Trump is hurting his brand.  Tough talking on immigration (absent of political correctness) was supposed to be his signature issue.

Like him or hate him, Trump was supposed to be the guy that tells you like it is.

The irony of this all, is the fact that Trump is moving closer to his GOP primary rivals, by backing off his total deportation plan. But then another twist.


Thursday night, CNN reported Donald Trump ruled out Thursday a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants in the United States, walking back comments he made earlier this week in which he appeared open to the idea.

My, my, the tables have turned.


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