Get your popcorn.

Get comfortable.

And tune in Thursday night to Donald Trump’s  version of “The Apprentice.”

Of course, the show will have another name. The first Republican Presidential debate will be on the Fox News Channel, but it is still all about Donald Trump, and the intricacies of his world.

The entire debate in Cleveland will be about The Donald in one way or another, and of course the media coverage that follows.

Did Trump look Presidential?

Did  Trump attack another candidate as dumb?

Did Trump give an specifics for any of his campaign ideas like immigration?

How did Trump respond to attacks on him and other candidates attacking Trump to raise their poll numbers.?

One Potential side story.

Did NJ Governor Chris Christie bring a sledgehammer to the debate aimed at Trump or anyone else that got in Christie’s way.

Brilliant move by Trump to go to Scotland and relax playing Golf last week, before the debate and to downplay expectations in not just one Sunday Morning TV appearance, but three.

Physically, on the stage, Trump is expected to be dead center at the Debate Thursday night.  Exactly the way Trump wants it. The others are around him.  Here is what he told ABC’s “This Week,” Sunday.

“I don’t think I’m going to be throwing punches. I’m not looking to attack,” Trump said of Thursday night’s debate. “Every attack I’ve made was a counterpunch. They attacked me first, and I hit them back — maybe harder than they hit me, but the fact is that I’ve been attacked pretty viciously by some of these guys.”

Trump as I argued on TV Friday Night is a debate winner no matter what.


Going into the debate, and out of the debate, yet once again Trump is dominating the news cycle, the race is all about him.

Notice, nobody right now is really talking about a formidable guy by the name of Jeb Bush….or hey…what about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Yes, if your Bush, you want to be slow and steady to the Republican Nomination, but it must be a wake-up call to Bush and company that right now its all about The Donald.  Lately,  Trump has been even receiving more attention than Hillary Clinton.