Thank You SUNY Cortland for making Dominic Carter one of your most famous Graduates Ever. 
It’s quite humbling to be the first one from your family to ever attend college, on full financial aid… out of the projects in the Bronx, and to be be rated as one of the TOP SIX graduates EVER with Actor Kevin James being number one. 
People that are still in my corner today, all these years later. Amanda The-malvoisin was actually my counselor when I started in the Summer Program at SUNY-Cortland. Amanda has a heart of gold, and is one of the best basketball players I have ever met. Mary Palmer Williams is one of my good friends, and we came in the same class together. I’m sure Mary remembers that I was just a young man that was just trying to survive. Folks like my man Bill Serratore introducing me to Broadcasting via the campus radio station as a way to meet girls. Bill it worked. I love you forever man. 
There was some pain. We lost my man David Potter. David was murdered during a robbery as he worked managing a gas station for extra money.David and I started out as Theater Majors. In one play, “Steam Bath,” where we wore nothing but towels, and the only female cast member was topless, David and I had a scene where we had to kiss each other on the lips.…
The late Ted Demme (yes, the Hollywood Director) and I cut a deal as students. I would teach him to be cool, and in return he would teach me radio/and broadcasting. RIP Ted, you advice worked. Ted would go on to start something called “Yo- MTV Raps,” and bring Rap Music to the world. Back then, Ted and I were just kids, dreaming of making it. Madonna’s Music was just starting to take off, and my side job was to D.J at one of the bars on Main Street. (Toody Muldoons) 
Young people will find this hard to believe, but there were NO RAP stations in every market back then. ZERO. You were lucky if a station every now and then played an urban record. The year was 1982. We didn’t have the internet, cell phones, nada. (to the best of my memory)…/famous-suny-college-at-co…/reference