Dominic Carter

Most Americans can say that they own mobile communication devices or have access to the internet. however, no more than 23% have claimed to have used these devices for political interactions. These numbers suggest that the use of mobile communication for connecting with voters and connecting those voters to politics has not realized its full potential.

A poll revolved around political connection via mobile devices found that seven in 10 Americans use either a smartphone or tablet at some point throughout their day. Overall 83% are connected to the internet via their mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. The use of these mobile devices, paired with the internet, have changed the way Americans live.

Political candidates, parties and those advising and running campaigns have opened their eyes to the opportunities mobile devices represent. Political campaigns now have the capability to go beyond traditional use of media advertisements, emails, phone calls and direct mail.

The presidential campaign of Barack Obama in 2012 was credited with taking advantage of new technology in terms of data collection of voter information. He also maintained repeated contact with voters using both traditional and new electronic modes of communication. Nationwide, democrats are more likely to engage in political messages over the internet. Democrats are also four times as likely as Republicans to say they have donated to a campaign from a phone or tablet. Republicans are surprisingly more likely to report to using their tablet or smartphone on a daily basis. Yet, democrats are as likely as republicans to be heavy users of mobile devices.

Young Americans are also more likely than those who are older to engage in the two political activities involving social media. Sharing or retweeting posts or links and posting opinions on social media and other internet sites.

As a midterm election year, political activity has increased across a number of states with early primaries and high-profile senate elections. It is not certain what level activity will be at in the fall or where it will be in 2016. At this point, both parties will for sure be working to increase their advantages in technology for the months to follow.

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