Must See TV Tuesday Night Regarding Race for NYC Mayor. In the interview, Christine Quinn becomes emotional and admits she’s becoming emotional, when discussing Al D’Amato’s criticism of her. Quinn vows she’s tough, but remember D’Amato had accused Quinn of when she recently revealed her struggles with an eating disorder and alcoholism around the time of her mother’s death of releasing it in her book to gain sympathy. D’Amato said at the time: “Ha ha ha. Oh, gimme a break. I’m crying. My campaign is suffering. I’m going down.” Well Quinn will respond Tuesday night. She will also give her take on dropping from front-runner, and losing a third of her support. Is NY ready for a woman mayor who is an open Lesbian? Well I put the question to her directly, and Tuesday night at RNN at 6 pm, Quinn responds. 6 pm–The Richard French Show. I will also ask her several pointed questions about Anthony Weiner and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. We’ll discuss term limits, and what does she say to NY’ers that feel SHE gave the green light to term number 3 for Bloomberg. Chris Quinn in her own words, Tuesday night.