Last month I wrote an article about the Obamacare website and how it has been experiencing technical difficulties, resulting in fewer sign ups then anticipated.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, the new healthcare website has reached over 1 million sign ups. In December alone, the website had almost 1 million people enroll, which shows the recent push for people to get their health care sorted out before the new year. By the end of the year, experts expect the website to have over 2 million sign ups. The overall goal of the website is to increase accessibility for people and to enroll 7 million people by March 31.

When the website was first introduced back in October, the number of people seeking affordable healthcare caused technical complications in the website.

Although the numbers are encouraging, the website is still experiencing a number of issues in the front and back end. On Christmas Eve thousands of people were left waiting on the phone to get signed up. “We have been a little bit behind the curve,” acknowledged Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, whose state has the highest proportion of uninsured residents.

The website will surely continue to experience more and more traffic up to the new year and beyond. Hopefully people working on the website will have their stuff together and technical difficulties will continue to decrease overtime.