You won’t believe this, but take a look for yourself. President Obama at the Apollo theater last night singing Let’s Stay Together by legendary Soul singer Al Green. The President even referred to a long time tradition at the Apollo, “the sandman.” The lyrics of full opening stanza of the song read: “I’m, I’m so in love with you. Whatever you want to do. …
The tune’s refrain underscores a theme of Obama’s re-election campaign: “Let’s, let’s stay together. Loving you whether, whether. Times are good or bad, happy or sad.” (The president did not sing this part, however.)

“Those guys didn’t think I would do it. I told you I was going to do it,” Obama said with a smile and a chuckle, looking off stage.

“The sandman did not come out. Now don’t worry, (inaudible) I cannot sing like you, but I just wanted to show my appreciation,” he said.

The Apollo event was Obama’s fourth campaign event of the night in New York City. It was hosted by Tony Award-winning composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda with performances by soul singer Green and vocal artist India.Arie. Tickets were $200 apiece for general admission.