Warning:  I intentionally used dramatic video of actual Heroin use because this is real. Here is the Actual Interview of Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal wanting to Legalize Heroin “Shooting Houses.” (only 4 minutes and then lawyers respond) I went through this as a kid when my own grandfather was addicted to Heroin, and unfortunately as I child, he took me to a Shooting gallery in Harlem.

The nearest LEGAL shooting gallery is in Vancouver CANADA, and is quite successful.  All I’m saying is the Assemblywoman makes a compelling case.

In her words:  “People that are addicted to Heroin use it on the street, use it in public restrooms, in the park….. anywhere. They need their fix. The idea is to connect them to a safe place to reduce the public harm, harm to themselves, public harm with contaminated needles on the street, kids watching this thinking its normal behavior.” Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal.