The latest according to CBS NEWS. A Decision is near.

Will there be an indictment in the Garner Case

NOW THE GRAND JURY DECISION NEARS IN THE ERIC GARNER CASE/NYPD CASE. Should there be indictments? What do you think?

The panel on Staten Island heard testimony last week from a police officer involved in the chokehold death of Eric Garner. He was believed to be the last witness.
The Staten Island district attorney won’t comment on the proceedings that will determine whether the officer will face criminal charges. 
Following the incident, two NYPD officers – including Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the one who allegedly put his arm around Garner’s neck – were placed on desk duty and four emergency workers involved in the medical response for Garner were suspended without pay pending an investigation.
Officer Pantaleo has been sued by three men in federal court over allegedly unlawful, racially motivated arrests within the past two years, court records show. Following Garner’s death, the NYPD said it stripped Pantaleo of his gun and badge.

This is the TV Interview Dominic Carter recently did with the new attorney for the Garner Family, Jonathan Moore. Garner case now comes on the result of no indictment in Ferguson.

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