Laken Riley…..

Remember her name, Laken Riley.

The 22-year-old Georgia Nursing Student who went for a run. Police were asked about her cause of death:

“Blunt Force Trauma.”

What connection if any, did she have to the suspect? The University of Georgia (UGA) police chief Jeffrey Clark responded:

“At this time the investigation suggests….no relationship.” — UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark

“He did not know her at all. I think this was a crime of opportunity. Where he saw an individual and bad things happen. The evidence suggests that this was a solo act.” — UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark

Police Chief Jeffrey Clark sounded like he had 800 pounds on his shoulders….like he was speaking as a father himself who had been personally impacted….like it was his own daughter said, It was a “crime of opportunity.”
Murder Victim Laken Riley allegedly at the hands of a Migrant

UGA police have taken Jose Antonio Ibarra into custody in connection with the death of 22-year-old Laken Riley. He has been charged with the following: malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call, and concealing the death of another.

Migrant suspect Jose Antonio Ibarra

Riley’s roommate called the Police concerned when she didn’t come home after going for a run in the area near intramural fields. Police found her unconscious and not breathing in a nearby wooded area behind Lake Herrick.

 So a young lady goes jogging. And she’s attacked and murdered.

We know what that means.

We hope that it didn’t happen, but let’s not play.

We have to respect the family. But let’s not play games.

A 22-year-old young lady goes jogging and she’s attacked and murdered. We know in all likelihood, before she was murdered, allegedly by a migrant. That she was probably Raped, and Sexually Abused. God only knows what happened to this 22-year-old young lady.

That’s somebody’s daughter and those parents are gonna have to live with what happened. Whatever that autopsy says. And the information is going to destroy them. Not only in all likelihood was she murdered, but she was probably in all likelihood raped, sexually assaulted, allegedly by an individual that’s not even supposed to be in the country. Period!!

The suspect came to NYC..where he was arrested for endangering a child. While he was in New York…Oh, he’s had plenty of time, plenty of time to take pictures… to ham it up while he’s in New York to go to Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and take pictures. He probably said: Look at me. Look at me, Mom. I’m in America. They’re paying for me, Mom. And now that I’ve been arrested, I’m out of here. I’m going with my brother to Athens, Georgia, the brother who by the way, had a fake green card.

That 22-year-old young lady could have been my daughter. It could have been anybody’s daughter who woke up and said I want to go for a run.

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