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Ok. Let’s have a candid moment.

Of course, during this presidential contest where Hillary Clinton is in the fight of her political life against Donald Trump, (and he may very well, win the election) Hillary Clinton is judged with a double standard. Let’s stop the non-sense, and this charade that they are covered the same way.

Hillary may have extremely high negative approval numbers, but faces a double standard. She is NOT covered the same way as Trump.  The media holds her to a tougher higher standard. Dare I say it, because she is seen as much more creditable.

Whenever you hear a candidate while answering questions about whether they are judged with a double standard respond, “I’ll leave that to others to answer,” then the answer is yes, they feel exactly that way but they are afraid of the repercussions to simply tell the truth. To be seen as whining.I know a thing or two about this, because it was exactly the same thing with NYC’s first African American David Dinkins.  He would face the identical question about news coverage like Clinton did at her recent event, and respond exactly the same way basically that Hillary Clinton did.

Dinkins would often respond by saying “Why do you ask?  I’ll leave it to others to judge.”

Then literally minutes later privately, he would often fume to me about how greatly unfair he felt media coverage of him was.

Part of the reason Trump and Hillary are judged differently happens to be that Trump really believes that any coverage of him, still amounts to a great day, and controls the news cycle.  Sort of the theory, as long as they spell your name right. He has all but admitted this. Of course via Twitter.

So what I mean here is part of the reason why Trump gets the upper hand as far as media coverage is he just soldiers on, no matter what the media reports or says. Hillary Clinton, or any other responsible politician cannot get away with that.

So the media says Trump where are your tax returns?  And he can get away with not producing them under the “excuse” of an audit, because he really doesn’t care how much the media hammers him on this issue. And let’s not forget, every time Trump treats the media badly, its red meat for his political base.

So did Hillary help herself by not taking questions from reporters for over 200 days? Absolutely Not.

However, I will answer the question.  Is Hillary Clinton judged by a double standard with the media?

Of course she is.