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Hillary Clinton has been playing whenever it came down to the question of whether or not she would be running for president of the United States. Judging be a recent appearance in Iowa this weekend, it looks like Clinton may be looking to enter the presidential race in 2016.

On Sunday she said that she was thinking about it, which is the closest that she has come to addressing her alleged candidacy. Clinton attended US Senator Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry and greeted the audience by announcing “Hell, Iowa, I’m baaaaaaaack”. Of course the last time Clinton was in Iowa was during the 2008 caucuses where many thought she was the strong Democratic front runner for the Presidency. She unfortunately finished third behind Barack Obama and John Edwards. President Obama’s message of hope and change won the country over and ultimately sealed the end of Clinton’s 2008 bid.

Iowa is significant in its own right as their caucuses generally kick off the presidential primary season. She was accompanied by her husband, former president Bill Clinton who did a great job of playing “supportive spouse”. If this is all true, the Clintons are gearing up to begin another campaign (so it seems). If Clinton does indeed run, she’s seen as not only the front runner, but the clear winner of the entire presidential campaign. Clinton has reached the point of dropping broad hints with her statement, and if it is true, she should start letting the public in on her plans to deal with the major issues that the country is dealing with.

Clinton has never been too vocal on her personal views regarding domestic and international affairs. At the Iowa steak fry she mentioned building a growing economy of shared prosperity and strengthening the middle class.

“Today, you know so well, American families are working harder than ever, but maintaining a middle-class life feels like pushing a boulder uphill every single day,”

The plight of the middle class will most likely be the main source of topic for both the republican and democratic candidates, so that won’t necessarily put her ahead of the pack. One thing is for sure, Hillary Clinton definitely has the infinite experience needed in order to be successful in the presidency.

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