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Perhaps the best response I have received to Republican Nominee Donald Trump declaring the other day that he actually “regrets” some of the comments he has made on the campaign trail,  came from Ronald T. Johnson via Linkedin.

Referring to Trump, Mr. Johnson said:

“He regrets, like a bank robber regrets he got caught.”

All I could do was laugh.  It is a funny line.

Translation on Trump’s  “regret,” comment?

His new and quite effective campaign Manager Kelly Ann Conway, is already at work, and has hit the “reset” button for Trump in an appeal for moderates, and independents that will actually decide this election.

Conway is playing to the premise that Americans are a very forgiving people. She knows that very well, and that Trump’s behavior has been so outrageous that something had to give.

Warts or not, don’t believe the hype that this race is over.

All it takes is Hillary Clinton’s base of progressives and liberals to stay home believing she is guaranteed to win, and at the same time, Trump’s base turning out in record numbers.

Yes, right now, Trump is doing so badly that even traditional republican states are in play for democrats to win, but the key words are “right now.”

Trump knows that Hillary Clinton has very high negatives. (Just like him, and in most polls even higher negative) Hillary Clinton has an email problem, which just won’t go away, and it plays right to the narrative that voters don’t trust her, or want another Clinton in the White House