Young People Are Doing Great Things

Young People Are Doing Great Things

TV Journalist and Newscaster Dominic Carter found out firsthand last week that Young People, from Canada to NYC Public Schools are on the go, doing positive things.

Dominic Carter visited government students just days before their graduation at the NYC Public High School for Health Professions on May 3rd, 2015.

NYC public School Teacher Debra Faulmino is remarkable and amazing. She is only a few years from retirement.

God Bless Mrs. Faulmino and all the teachers throughout the world. The kids were phenomenal, and here are some photos. Three Days Earlier, Dominic Carter visited some young people of Canada, and gave his life testimony at the Revivaltime Tabernacle Church under the leadership of Bishop Audley James. Here are some of the photos.

The Foster Parent Conference (LOFF) outside of Toronto was excellent. Here are those photos.