The man whose face was chewed off by the horrifying “Miami Zombie,” doctors revealed Tuesday that he also had what appeared to be gunshot wounds — likely fired by the cops trying to save him.

Ronald Poppo, 65, had two “mysterious” holes in his left chest when he was brought bleeding to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, apparently entry and exit wounds, doctors said.

Maniac Rudy Eugene, who was not armed, was on top of Poppo when police opened fire to stop the gruesome attack on May 26.

A stray bullet appears to have hit the victim, too.

Poppo is recovering surprisingly well —eating, walking and even cheering on his basketball team, doctors said.

They released two graphic photos of Poppo, showing him in a hospital gown walking down a hallway with help.

His nose and right eye are gone, his left eyes remains under protective covering and his forehead and cheeks are a mass of bloody wounds. The bottom half of his face, from his salt-and-pepper mustache on down, appears okay.
“He’s coping remarkably well,” trauma surgeon Nicholas Namias told reporters.

“The guy has got to be a survivor.”

Doctors said Poppo remembers the horrifying attack but has displayed a surprisingly upbeat attitude.

“He’s a very nice guy, really. He’s charming,” Namias added.

Just before the news conference, he told his doctors: “Go Heat!”