The Food Bank for New York City is one of the groups working to ensure that the citys residents stay fed year-round.To do so, they operate a 90,000 square-foot facility in the South Bronx from where they distribute the equivalent of 120 meals each minute to New Yorkers in need.“Its a tremendous number,” said Francisco Tezen, Vice President at the Food Bank for New York City. “If we think about who were serving, the largest groups are children, older adults, seniors and women.”The Food Bank uses in upwards of 800 volunteers each week to get the food to people in need and relies on public donations to help them fulfill their mission.“For every dollar that osomeone donates to Food Bank for New York City, were able to provide five meals and our ability to do that is through generous corporate supporters,” Tezen said.

Source: Fighting hunger with the Food Bank for New York City | fios1 news