All of us respect Mother Nature, but to live in a Northern State, and naturally, it begs the question of how many times are we going to be hit?

How dare we complain!!!
Yes, this is not Alaska, and yes, we haven’t been buried completely in snow as much as Boston, but No Más, we can’t take it anymore.
Case in point.
This Rocket Scientist (That would be me, do you sense the sarcasm) refused to go purchase a snow blower, and of course, that backfired…because I have already spent several hundred dollars with a local snow plow company.
Naturally, every single time that I have the driveway cleaned of snow, it snows again.
It’s nice to look out my window and see the Winter Wonderland, but then you have to walk through it, and step through it. So much for the scenic beauty. Man, this is hard work.
Some lovely teenagers just recently, knocked on my door, and said their family heard me on WABC Radio complaining about the snow and their parents sent them over in a lovely gesture to voluntarily shovel for me, and they did. The tedious process of clearing the snow in the cold, and then even breaking down the ice. Of course, within Thirty minutes of the kids doing the job, it started snowing again.
“Through rain or shine ,snow or sleet,” but perhaps my local mailman was trying to tell me something the other day. I trekked through the snow to get to my car, and trust me, that is an adventure all in itself, and on top of the car was a postal delivery. Officially, directly according to the USPS website carriers are not required to deliver to locations where there are safety issues — such as icy steps, snow-packed paths or icy overhangs. Wait, how did they know what my driveway looks like.
My Postal Carrier’s message was that getting to my house went way beyond the call of duty.
Wait a minute, do you hear that…..
The sounds of another big snow truck, clearing the public roads by of course pushing more snow into all of our driveways.
I think even the most daring amongst us, the full endorsers and supporters of “let it snow, let it snow,” are even respectfully throwing in the towel.

No, this is not boxing, but we have had enough snow.