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All the additional NYPD floodlights didn’t stop the violence. Nor did the posted signs asking members of the community to do not shoot or do not stab anyone.

Leaders are decisive. J’Ouvert in Brooklyn, must go.

Among the dead from the predawn festival, we have lost some of the best and brightest to senseless gunfire.

A St. John’s University grad student, is among the dead.  Tiarah Poyau, who dreamed of becoming an accountant was shot above her right eye at close range and killed. Tiarah had done everything right academically that she was supposed to do, and she did some of the most competitive internships that there are to offer. She was studying taxation, and described herself as an aspiring CPA. Gone.

The Mother of Tyreke Borel had warned her 17 year old son, that she did not want him to attend J’Ouvert as she feared for his safety. Tyreke Borel who was originally from Trinidad and Tobago was shot in the chest about 3:45 a.m at Empire Blvd and Flatbush Ave. Gone.

One of the shooters, also wounded 72-year-old Margaret Peters, who was able to escape amid the chaos. Other people ended up stabbed.

J’Ouvert might sound familiar to you.

Last year, two men, including an aide to Gov. Cuomo, Carey Gabay, were killed at the celebration, which prompted Police Commissioner Billl Bratton to declare there would be an “unprecedented,” show of force this year, which there was, but unfortunately, there was still violence.

It’s in the public interest to put an end to J’Ouvert.