Tired of keeping his life-long secrets,
author Dominic Carter, described by
some as the best of New York’s political
television reporters, shares his remarkable,
gut-wrenching story of abuse at the hands
of his mother in No Momma’s Boy.
Shortly after his mother’s death, Carter
obtains her psychiatric records to learn
more about the extent of her struggles.  He
always knew she was plagued by mental
illness, but because of their limited relationship,
he never truly understood its severity.  In
addition to revealing that she was a paranoid
schizophrenic, the records contain shocking
secrets from his past of which he has little or
no recollection.  Carter learns the revolting
details of how his mother attempted to strangle
him to death when he was just a toddler and her
numerous suicide attempts.  As he uncovers these
horrific details, Carter awakens memories of
unspeakable acts that he suffered at her hands.
From a childhood of sexual and physical abuse to Foster Care, and a meaningful career attending social events at the White House and interviewing Nelson Mandela,No Momma’s Boy recounts Carter’s tremendous highs and lows and how he survived to become the successful journalist that he is today. 

Source: Welcome to No Momma’s Boy