Proof to Foster Children, and all others that you can overcome ANYTHING in Life.
Through his learning Disability, the Epilepsy, being forced to withdraw at the end of a college semester because he was hospitalized, to my poor baby being rushed to the Emergency room because of the embarrassing situation of having a seizure on campus….but at the end of the day HE DID IT. He obtained his two year degree in Journalism, and completes his four year degree next year. The “experts” told us he would never even be able to graduate from High School. They had no idea of the determination of the Carter Family. Always remember that when God is on your side, who can be against you. We love you Dominic and are so, so proud of you. Dominic’s sister got her Master’s, and graduated from Syracuse, also in Journalism. Now Dominic is on his way. I thank his mother Marilyn for the endless hours of working with our son. The point is always believe in your children. Anything is possible in life. There are kind people in the world. I will never forget when the Dallas Cowboy Football Organization, honored my son for his birthday in Dallas. I am so proud of him.

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Dominic Carter is so proud of his son