The bar is so low for Trump Monday night, that if he just behaves, he can emerge the winner.

The bar is so high for Hillary Clinton, that almost no matter what she does, she’s the one walking the tight rope, and cannot win the game of expectations.

Having moderated a Hillary Clinton debate, trust me, as I told the Washington Post in a profile on me, Clinton knows policy like the back of her hand, and she will adhere to the debate rules.

Trump is the wild card, that unfairly benefits the moment he walks on that Hofsta University stage, because he will gets to present an imagine of being just as equal “Presidential” as Hillary Clinton.

No matter the question, Trump will argue Hillary is the status quo…and he represents change. Clinton will hammer away that Trump does not have the temperament to serve as President, and that he is unqualified.

In the past, I have interviewed both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

This unpredictable campaign could be headed to a remarkable finish.

Showmanship vs Policy wonk. This debate will go down in history.