A good public official finds a way to lead.
Governor Andrew Cuomo is like the starting quarterback of the Varsity Team.
Mayor Bill Deblasio is looking like he’s not even a lock to make the JV squad.
Deblasio vows a panel will study the quality of life issue of topless women with their boobs painted, taking photos with mostly tourists for tips in Times Square. Then the mayor even raised the possibility of doing away with the pedestrian’s plaza.
What does Cuomo do?
On Saturday he sends in state troopers to times square, working on behalf of the State Labor Department/questioning the women and their how do we say this, “male managers.” 
In other words, Cuomo is doing politics 101. He has found a creative way to lead, and yet again makes his nemesis Bill Deblasio look like amateur hour.
Cuomo’s answer is simple, as he told the NY Daily News.
If the women are operating as a business, then the state needs to ensure they meet tax laws and follow workers’ comp requirements. Brilliant move.
Every New Yorker in advance already knows the answer to whether they meet the requirements of a Business Operation.  Checkmate, and out you go.
Thus the legal requirement you need to have police shut it down. That was my point just Friday night on Verizon FiOS News/RNN-TV.

Also Tennis great John McEnroe says he can beat Serena Williams.


Slow down McEnroe. 

The  country has been there, done that.  It didn’t work for Bobby” Riggs.

Stick to commentating on tennis matches.  Serena would destroy you.
But ever the optimist, I say “good luck with that.”