Stop and Frisk Part two. The way we discussed it on RNN-TV this week. This as City and state legislators stood side by side with New York’s congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. to demand that the Justice Department investigate the New York City Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk policies.

This piece was done by ex-ny1 anchor Dominic Carter. Dominic Carter has strong conviction when it comes to young people. Dominic Carter does not want them to have arrested development, which amounts to a life sentence of not doing their best. Dominic Carter has covered crime, arrests, and violence as far as law enforcement and the New York Police Department for the last 25 years. Dominic Carter has even covered the Juv. Justice system, city jails, and the District Attorney in all the five borough and the District Attorney in Rockland, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. Dominic Carter held onto the NY1 anchor gig for 17 years, has covered Domestic Policy in the U.S. Dominic Carter is Married, and his wife is Marilyn Carter. Dominic Carter has a son, Dominic Jr. and a daughter, Courtney. Dominic Carter also has a book out on his life titled, No Momma’s Boy.