NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton

Journalist Dominic Carter went one-on-one with NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton. One topic was the protests against the NYPD.

“what do we want, dead cops…… and what do we end up with….. dead cops. That where the insanity became to much.” Police Commissioner William Bratton
Bratton responded to his comment about it being tough hiring black men for the NYPD,
“According to Bureau justice statistics, BJA, the official federal government statistics, 30 percent, 31 percent of African American males have spent time in prison.” Police Commissioner William Bratton
But Bratton is also bringing in remarkable recruitment changes.
He also talks about what its like when he has to have that horrible, horrible conversation with a family after their loved one has been killed in the line of Duty. Here is part one of the interview, and here is part two.