This is what the “Liveshot TV Row” looked like  at the  sentencing of #sheldonsilver. He’s hoping to go to Otisville Federal Prison in NY State with the judge’s help. Here is the story I did on TV Tuesday night.
From the bench, Judge Caproni alluded to alleged affairs he had. Sentenced him to 12 years. Forfeits  5 MILLION.  Fined another 1.7 milliion. This is what silver said before being sentenced: “Without question, I let down my constituents, I let down my family, let down my colleagues, and I’m truly, truly sorry for that,” But don’t forget the Supreme court can change all of this, especially what is going on with the case of former Virginia Gov. MCDONALD.Silver left the courthouse out of a side door surrounded by about 150 cameras. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara sat in the back of the courtroom. Silver walked in about 15 minutes before the proceedings with his hat in his hand and took a deep breath before walking to the defendants table. His lawyers passionately argued for community service and home confinement. The JUDGE was having none of it