It really was a humbling experience.

Saturday Morning, I attended the fitting for my daughter’s wedding dress.

For all the dads out there, I got emotional, but didn’t cry.

All I could think about was how fast all the years have flown by with my baby girl, Courtney Ann Carter.

I still remember bringing her home from the hospital as an infant, realizing  my life had changed forever—that I was now responsible for another human being.

I still remember nursery school and she was having a bad day one day because we left her pacifier home by accident.

School, her first job at McDonald’s, and dad being so proud to go through the drive through being served by his daughter.  I could have done it a thousand times, but she ordered me to go home.

Then it was time to let go as Courtney attended college at Syracuse University, and graduate school. She was spreading her wings.

She’s a journalist, just like her dad, on the assignment desk at News 12 the Bronx, and soon to be a TV Reporter.

Now she’s getting married.

Daddy’s little girl is a grown woman.