It was one of the moments I have cherished my entire life. The crowning achievement of a career. An audience with Nelson Mandela that first requires some initial perspective.

When you grow up in the Housing Projects of NYC, and where perhaps only a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could match his stature, you never think in a million years that one day, your world could collide with that of Nelson Mandela’s.

As the world received word that Mr. Mandela had passed away, all I could think about was that I was thankful he was finally out of all his pain and what the 20-minute private faithful encounter with Mandela 23 years ago had taught me.

Mr. Mandela through his actions taught me to never have a defeatist attitude, to conquer your fears, and what believing in yourself can do. After all Mr. Mandela, after 27 years in prison, changed a nation and, in fact, the world.

Source: 20 Minutes With Mandela That Changed My Life | HuffPost

Nelson Mandela and Newsman Dominic Carter

Nelson Mandela and Newsman Dominic Carter